Automotive Key programming

Oftentimes we get asked if we will program customer supplied keys. The short answer is yes. However, we will not guarantee anything. We will require our programing fee in full up front. We are not responsible if you purchased the wrong or poor quality keys. If you are trying to get old keys reprogrammed, we are not responsible for issues your car may have. We are not mechanics, we will not diagnose other issues on your vehicle.

If you call for a price on key programming, the price you will be quoted depends on how many keys, type of keys, if you also need remotes programmed, and if you need blade keys.

We will not cut programmable key blades if we are not doing the programming.

Key programming STARTS at $125 for the first key, then an additional $25 per key after that. If you need blades cut, it's an additional $25 per standard double sided cut key, or $35 additional per high security laser cut key.

If your key fails to program, we will offer to let you purchase keys from us, and we will apply your programming/cutting fee to the new keys. 

please take into consideration our time. We do not work for free. We have 9 different programmers that are very expensive.

Please Call 863-409-2569 for a quote or appointment.

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